Monday, May 5, 2008

Sony creates micro-sized fuel cell system

Finally we can all sleep at night, safe in the knowledge that Sony has created a prototype fuel cell system that fits in the palm of your hand. The combination lithium-polymer battery, backup battery, and control circuit are destined for future mobile devices. According to a company engineer, "We have been aiming to mount (a fuel-cell system) in mobile devices and finally reached a level of commercial design." The tiny power-pack uses methanol as a fuel and controls supply with a hybrid pump, which allows it to regulate the amount of power used based on a system's needs. The company claims that just 10ml of methanol can power a mobile device through 14 hours of 1seg movie watching. Sure, it sounds good on paper, but does this mean soon we'll have to visit tiny, methanol refilling stations manned by a team of mice in jumpsuits? Probably not.

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Cutting the Manpower

The IT sector is also feeling the Heat of depression in the world economics. This fire of jungle has engulfed even the biggest trees of the Greenland. Giants like TCS, IBM, Wipro, Sun Microsystem and many others are shedding their workforce to cope with collapse in the business coming mainly from US.

Recently, Sun Microsystems reported a net loss of $34m (£17m) compared with a profit of $67m in the same period of 2007. The major contributions in the loss was of drop in the orders coming from US Government, retail firms and telecom firms.... As a result of this, Sun has decided to cut 1500 to 2500 jobs which is equivalent to 7.5% of its total workforce of 33,500.

This is directly going to effect the outsourcing industry of India..which houses a major share of Indian IT engineers. Companies are planning to job cuts, reduction in salaries, decrement in incentives and all other measures to absorb the heat of this depression and to keep their profits up.

The situation is very serious and a continuance will lead to steep decrease in the popularity of IT sector as a career option. For long times IT sector has been the area of better growth and development. But if we look at the current status is going to give negative results.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Vista and XP Fight

The fight between the two brothers of same family has once again caught flames. The XP Vs Vista debate is again in the news now not about which one's better but about keeping the old one alive.

Microsoft has announced that it would end selling Windows XP by June of this year. The present users including the die hard fans of XP are not at all happy with it. The icing on the cake was provided by the speculation that Microsoft is thinking to pull off the support for XP too. This has pulled the nerves of the current XP users, business houses and many others who are totally dependent on this most famous child of Windows family.

Many signature campaigns are being started to gather support to force the software giant to reconsider its decision of pulling off the support technology for Windows XP. As it doesn't seem to reconsider its decision of putting an end to XP's sales.

This is going to put a huge effect on Microsoft's Brand good will and might go against Vista!!!